What is a customer story?

Customer stories – case studies or success stories – are a promotional tool that describes how a customer’s business has directly benefited from a particular service or product provided by your business. These documents are usually 1–4 pages long, depending on the audience and how much detail is required.

My blog post on customer case studies gives more information about why this particular marketing tactic is so important and how success stories can be repurposed to get maximum value.

What’s included in a customer story package?

Whether writing customer case studies (2–4 pages) or success stories (1–2 pages), I can manage the project and assist you through each step in the process. If you’ve not previously used customer stories, don’t worry – I can discuss with you how it all works and the expected outcomes and benefits before commencing.

What does the process look like?

  1. Story Planning
    This is about taking a strategic approach to ensure any customer stories align with company objectives and future marketing needs. In doing so, it is possible to create a story “wish list” that will address any PR gaps.
  1. Selecting Customers
    Identify those customers that meet your wish list criteria and are good candidates to be featured in customer stories.
  1. Getting Customer Permission
    It is important to secure customer permission prior to beginning a story. For various reasons, some customers may be reluctant to participate in case studies or success stories; therefore, highlighting the benefits of participating is vital.
  1. Gathering Information
    Before commencing writing, I will work with you to determine key requirements such as objectives,
    audience and themes for the story. I will also research the products and services to be featured, study the background and details on the customer, and conduct an interview with the customer using a tailored questionnaire.
  1. Writing the Story
    I will use the research and interview information to craft a compelling customer story that hits the key messages decided upon at the story planning stage.
  1. Getting Signoff
    Once both parties have had the opportunity to review the customer story, the customer must approve the final version.
  1. Distributing the Story
    The completed story can now be leveraged and
    utilised in multiple ways, adding value to your promotional efforts.

Additional Services

In addition to conducting research, interviewing the customer and writing the story, I can also:

  • assist in gaining customer permission e.g. we can devise a ‘pitch packet’ to aid the decision-making process
  • facilitate the internal/customer review and signoff process
  • optimise the customer story for SEO purposes using relevant keywords
  • recommend a graphic designer or provide a design service.

Working with you for the first time, I would like to learn more about your business as well as the products and services to be featured in stories. I do this by reading through product and service materials, and viewing available demos. I also recommend speaking with one or more representatives of your business to help me better understand the objectives and goals for your customer stories.

If you’re ready to get started or you would like to discuss how customer success stories and case studies could benefit your business, contact me for more information.