You already know that an effective content marketing strategy is key to achieving business results.

Most businesses are aware of the power of social media, and may even have a blog. While these tactics are undoubtedly popular, customer case studies are being recognised as a hype-free way to inform and persuade prospective clients without coming across as too “salesy.”

What are customer case studies?

Customer case studies—or success stories—are a promotional tool that describes how a customer’s business has directly benefited from a particular service or product provided by your company. These documents are usually 1-4 pages long, depending on the audience and how much detail is required.

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Why are customer case studies important to an overall marketing strategy?

Other promotional tools such as brochures, adverts and web content are written in the company’s own language, whereas a customer case study is written from the customer’s perspective. For prospective clients, this carries more credibility and validation of a company’s ability to deliver results based on its marketing promises.

According to a 2016 study conducted by the Content Marketing Institute, 82% of B2B marketers use customer case studies, rated highly as an effective marketing tactic.

How can they be used?

Customer case studies do not just have to sit on your company’s website. They can be repurposed and adapted based on the audience and chosen marketing tactic.

Examples include:

  • Blog posts
  • Videos
  • Newsletters
  • Direct marketing
  • Events
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Proposals
  • Press releases
  • Industry award submissions
  • Annual reports.

Why hire a professional customer case study writer?

If you’ve decided to include customer case studies as an integral part of your content marketing strategy, here are just a few reasons why you should look at using a professional content writer:

Experience and skillset

Writing compelling and well researched customer case studies requires expertise and specific skills that take time to hone. An experienced writer with demonstrated project management and interpersonal skills adds value to your customer story program without the need to use in-house resources.

Getting the crucial details

Outsourcing the interview process means the customer is more likely to be open and honest when providing details about their positive experience with your company. Using an independent third party who is able to build a rapport with the customer results in a more authentic and captivating story.

Focus and consistency

The focus for the writer is your customer story, providing high-quality writing and meeting your expectations in delivering the project. Another advantage of using a professional B2B content marketing writer as part of an ongoing relationship is consistency in tone, style and use of business language within and across documents.

So, if you think customer case studies would be a good fit for your business, read more about the process and what’s involved, from story planning to final signoff.

Customer Case Studies – An Underused Marketing Tactic

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